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VH Australia

I live in Australia.

Today I received my cards/tags that I ordered from Vanessa.

Cards are beautiful and the tags are fantastic.

The wrapping was a lovely touch, making it a very personal.

Vanessa has pride in her artwork.

I highly recommend.

Thank you so much.



SD Bath UK

I received some beautiful flower design cards from Vanessa, 

They were packaged very well.

Lovely cards to send for different occasions.

I really like Vanessa's commitment to sustainable and vegan ethics. ....

I would highly recommend !


JP Suffolk UK

Beautiful work and packaging - highly recommend  Just perfect cards and Artwork.

Thank-you Vanessa


JM Surrey UK

I can highly recommend all of Vanessa's Art products. Fabulous as Gift’s or to have for yourself.
A very talented young lady!


DB Surrey UK

Vanessa’s beautiful, vibrant art design is not only made whilst being in touch with / displaying mindfulness for today’s ethical aspects of veganism, but further more, her beautiful, elegant  tote bag is an absolutely eye-catching must have for practicality too -

I love it!!

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